President, Amy Peccia

APeccia [at] maulfoster.com

Ms. Peccia is a Senior Environmental Scientist at Maul Foster & Alongi, Inc. and has over 18 years of experience in consulting, industry, and agency sectors.

For the past seven years as a consultant, she has served clients in a variety of areas, including air quality, environmental site assessment, stormwater, wastewater, community right-to-know, and hazardous and solid waste management.

Ms. Peccia has provided regulatory compliance, permitting, environmental due diligence, and audit assistance for a variety of industrial, commercial, and municipal clients and facilities. Ms. Peccia has been involved with A&WMA since 2012 in a variety of roles at the chapter, section, and national level.


Vice-President, Mark Milner

McMilneris [at] gmail.com

Mark Milner the atmospheric services lead and a project director with Hemmera, An Ausenco Company in Burnaby, British Columbia. Mark has over twenty years of administrative and consulting experience in air quality, noise, GHGs, odour, and light assessments within the mining, transportation, oil and gas, industrial, and forestry sectors. Mark oversees and conducts environmental impact assessments, permitting studies, emissions estimates, air dispersion and noise modelling, and ambient monitoring for local, regional, national and international clients.  Mark has been involved with the BC–Yukon Chapter as a board member for many years and PNWIS as a chapter representative. He believes that being a member of A&WMA is a great way to network with environmental professionals, advance his technical expertise, and to promote environmental responsibility.

Past-President, Rachel Owen

Rachel.Owen [at] bp.com

Rachel Owen is an Air Quality Advisor at BP, currently working in Alaska. She is a technical expert in GHG Management, Air Quality Regulations, and Clean Air Act Permitting and Compliance. Rachel has deep expertise in internal and external Green House Gas data reporting and management.  Rachel has served in a number of positions with the Alaska Chapter of A&WMA and the PNWIS Board. She loves participating in A&WMA and PNWIS because of the great technical knowledge sharing, professional networking opportunities, and enjoys showcasing her fantastic dancing skills at the PNWIS banquet! When not working, she can often be found enjoying the outdoors in Alaska camping or fishing with her Pup!

Secretary, Krista Kinsey

Krista.Kinsey [at] simplot.com

Krista Kinsey, P.E. is an Environmental Engineering Manager for the J.R. Simplot Company. Krista specializes in air permitting and compliance for Simplot’s fertilizer production and food processing operations. Krista has also served as the secretary and chair of the Idaho Chapter as well as the membership chair for the Great Basin Chapter in Utah.  Krista earned an undergraduate and graduate degree in engineering from the University of Idaho (Go Vandals!). In her spare time she likes spoiling her tiny dog, Chloe.

Treasurer, Agata McIntyre

AgataM [at] nwcleanairwa.gov

Agata McIntyre is the engineering manager at the Northwest Clean Air Agency in Mount Vernon, WA. She has been employed in the air quality field for 16 years. Her involvement with PNWIS started at the Puget Sound Chapter level where she was a board, member, vice-chair, and chair. She is now the incoming treasurer for PNWIS section. Agata is involved with PNWIS because it offers a great opportunity to advance her technical knowledge and to network with other professionals in the air quality and waste reduction fields.

Treasurer-Elect, Lyn Tober

LynT [at] nwcleanairwa.gov

Lyn Tober is a chemical engineer with the Northwest Clean Air Agency in Mount Vernon, WA where she works on permitting and regulatory compliance for a variety of industrial sources. In addition to Treasurer and Treasurer-Elect, she has been PNWIS Board Secretary.  Lyn participates in PNWIS because it offers a neutral forum in which to learn about ongoing and upcoming environmental issues and to network with other environmental professionals in the area. And for the dancing at the annual PNWIS conference!

Director, Lanka DeSilva (2019-2021 term)

LDeSilva [at] ramboll.com

Lanka DeSilva is an air quality consultant with Ramboll, Inc. in Lynnwood, WA. She has been an active member of PNWIS as a Committee Chair and the Puget Sound Chapter for many years. She served as the Chair of the Puget Sound Chapter in 2018.

She holds an M.S. in Environmental Engineering from Washington State University and B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Alabama.

Director, Norma Job (2020-2021 term)

Norma.Job [at] ashgrove.com

Director, Jeromy Adams (2020-2022 term)

JAdams2 [at] ci.tacoma.wa.us

Director, Robin Glover (2020-2022 term)

Robin.Glover [at] conocophillips.com

PNWIS 2020-2021 Executive Board Summary

  • President: Amy Peccia APeccia [at] maulfoster.com
    Term: 2020-2021
  • Vice-President: Mark Milner MMilner [at] hemmera.com
    Term: 2020-2021
  • Past President: Rachel Owen Rachel.Owen[at]bp.com Term: 2020-2021
  • Secretary: Krista Kinsey Krista.Kinsey [at] simplot.com
    Term: 2018-2020
  • Treasurer Agata McIntyre AgataM [at] nwcleanairwa.gov
    Term: 2018-2020
  • Treasurer-Elect Lyn Tober LynT [at] nwcleanairwa.gov
    Term: 2018-2020
  • Director: Norma Job Norma.Job [at] ashgrove.com
    Term: 2020-2021
  • Director: Jeromy Adams JAdams2 [at] ci.tacoma.wa.us
    Term: 2020-2022
  • Director: Lanka DeSilva LDeSilva [at] ramboll.com
    Term: 2019-2021
  • Director: Robin Glover Robin.Glover [at] conocophillips.com
    Term: 2020-2022

*Note, PNWIS Chapter Chairs are also voting members of the PNWIS Board.

PNWIS Board – Committees

**Website & Communications Committee**

The Communications Committee maintains the PNWIS website and social media pages. The committee also manages PNWIS’s email communications system. The committee also assists with development and maintenance of PNWIS newsletters, conference displays, and official documents.

  • Chairs
    Christopher Lindsey: ChrisDLindsey [at] gmail.com
    Jay McAlpine: McAlpine.Jay [at] epa.gov

**Finance Committee**

The Finance Committee is comprised of four permanent seats (committee chair, PNWIS Vice President, treasurer, and incoming treasurer), and ideally 2-3 other seats. Our function is to develop financial policies for Board approval, evaluate and make recommendations for investment options, complete financial-related action items identified by the Board, and provide assistance and support for the treasurer as needed.

  • Chair
    Denise Newbould: Denise.Newbould [at] erm.com

**Blue Sky Committee**

The purpose of the Blue Sky Committee is to develop and conduct Blue Sky planning events and promote execution of activities and programs to meet Blue Sky goals within PNWIS. The Blue Sky strategic planning initiative was developed to assess progress against the PNWIS strategic plan, to revisit and revise the strategy in preparation for the future, to foster greater communication within the PNWIS family, and to build a consensus around a vision, mission, and actions for PNWIS

  • Chair
    Jessica Stark: JStark [at] slrconsulting.com

**Awards Committee**

The Awards Committee prepares the Annual Section Awards List for approval by the Board, for presentation at the Annual Conference (plaques and certificates of appreciation, etc.). The Committee also assists the Nominations Committee in providing nominations for consideration by the International Air and Waste Management Association for Annual Awards.

  • Chairs
    Roylene Cunningham: Cunningham.Roylene [at] epa.gov
    Laurel Peterson: LPeterson [at] slrconsulting.com

**Young Professionals Committee**

The role of the Young Professionals Committee is to develop and maintain programs and activities focused on early career professionals (up to 35 years old) and promote participation and membership.

  • Chair
    Betsy Speare: Betsy [at] springenvironmental.com

**Technical Committee**

The role of the Technical Committee is to support technical specialty conferences throughout the PNWIS region on relevant topics of interest/current changes in regulations for industry, consultants, agency employees, and the general public.

  • Chairs
    Ann Mason: AMason [at] slrconsulting.com
    Lanka DeSilva: LDesilva [at] ramboll.com

**Student Programs Committee**

The role of the Student Programs Committee is to evolve and maintain the Environmental Challenge (EC) competition for university-level students in the PNWIS region as well as foster and maintain relationships with regional Universities to promote student participation and membership in the A&WMA.

  • Chair
    Melody Kieneker: Melody.Kieneker [at] erm.com

** Young Professionals Coordinator**

Betsy Cochran — betsy [at] springenvironmental.com

**Conference Committee**

The role of the Conference Committee is to provide assistance and resources to the Annual Conference Planning teams as they plan and prepare for PNWIS annual conferences.

  • Chairs
    Norma Job: Norma.Job [at] ashgrove.com
    Jeromy Adams: JAdams2 [at] ci.tacoma.wa.us

PNWIS A&WMA Board Members

A&WMA Board Member – Director Kim Marcus Kim.Marcus [at] erm.com
A&WMA Board Member – Director Tony Ward Tony.Ward [at] umontana.edu
A&WMA S&C Representative Jay Willenberg – JWillenberg [at] comcast.net

PNWIS Board – Chapter Chairs

  • Alaska Chapter — Katz Bollinger — CBollinger [at] petrostar.com
  • B.C./Yukon Chapter — Mark Milner — MMilner [at] hemmera.com
  • Idaho Chapter — Leah Arnold — Leah.Arnold [at] deq.idaho.gov
  • Inland Northwest Chapter — April Westby — AWestby [at] spokanecleanair.org
  • Montana Chapter — Benjamin Schmidt — BSchmidt [at] co.missoula.mt.us
  • Oregon Chapter — Amy Peccia — APeccia [at] maulfoster.com
  • Puget Sound Chapter — Jay McAlpine — McAlpine.jay [at] epa.gov
  • Vancouver Island Chapter — Markus Kellerhals — Markus.Kellerhals [at] gov.bc.ca

PNWIS Board – Student Chapters (Faculty Contacts)

  • Boise State University — Dale Stephenson — DaleStephenson [at] BoiseState.edu
  • Huxley (Western Washington Univ.) — Ruth Harper — huxley.awma [at] gmail.com
  • Montana Tech. University — Kumar Ganesan — kganesan [at] mtech.edu
  • University of Montana — Tony Ward — Tony.Ward [at] mso.umt.edu
  • University of Puget Sound — Dan Burgard — dburgard [at] pugetsound.edu

PNWIS – Annual Conference

2020 Suquamish (cancelled due to pandemic)
Maggie Corbin, Roylene Cunningham
MaggieC [at] pscleanair.org, Cunningham.Roylene [at] epa.gov

2019 Montana Tech
Kumar Ganesan
KGanesan [at] mtech.edu

2018 Nanaimo
Mark Milner, Rob Dalrymple
mmilner [at] hemmera.com, robdal@shaw.ca

2017 Idaho
Steven Cory StCory [at] q.com

2016 Juneau, AK
Ann Danielson ADanielson [at] slrconsulting.com

2015 Skamania, WA
Jeromy Adams JAdams2 [at] ci.tacoma.wa.us

2014 Spokane, WA
Beth Hodgson Beth [at] springenvironmental.com