Young Professionals

(image from 2018 Puget Sound Chapter YP and friends hike and camping trip)

Young Professionals (YPs) include any professional or student, younger than 35 years of age, who works in or has an interest in the environmental fields and professions. PNWIS knows the importance of getting people involved early in their careers and has a lot to offer anyone just starting out!

At PNWIS events and meetings networking opportunities abound, and gaining insights from some of the old-timers can really help when shaping your future goals. PNWIS is also a great way to learn new skills and stay updated on the latest changes in the industry through technical sessions, tours, and webinars.

As a YP, PNWIS offers you:

  • Outstanding networking opportunities
  • Technical insights into the state of the environmental field
  • Social events (hikes, tours of wineries, etc.)
  • Jobs
  • Tours of facilities
  • Technical sessions and conferences
  • Educational resources
  • Leadership opportunities

Looking for an A&WMA chapter to join? There are very active groups in Alaska, BC, Idaho, Spokane, Montana, Oregon, Puget Sound area, and Vancouver Island. Head to your closest chapter’s page for a detailing of upcoming events, technical sessions, or the next chapter meeting.

At the PNWIS Annual Conference, we organize a dedicated track for YPs, with experts from the field giving insights into their day to day work, and advice on getting jobs and building a career. It usually involves a QA session with experts from industry, consulting, and the government, and a few sessions on interviewing, resume building, and career development. There’s also a YP event every year, which is a great way to meet your peers.

Feel free to reach out to YP Coordinator Betsy Cochran betsy [at] if you would like more information.

Check out the A&WMA YP Advisory Council webpage at:

The YPAC releases a quarterly newsletter available on the YPAC webpage — Latest Edition Click Here! Alaska Chapter member Ann Danielson was recently featured in the “Member Spotlight” in the 4th quarter 2017 newsletter: check it out here!