Students & the E.C.



PNWIS offers great opportunities for students as well as working professionals. Participating in a student chapter offers an environment to learn technical skills, get experience that’s applicable to the real world, and network with professionals already in the industry. There are also occasionally jobs or internships listed on this website.





There are a number of student chapters across the Northwest, including chapters at:

If you’re interested in joining or starting a student chapter, please contact the Student Programs Committee Chair, Melody Kieneker, at mkieneker [at] or PNWIS directly at PNWIS@PNWIS.ORG.

PNWIS can provide significant student chapter and faculty funding to help support new and growing student chapters, upon request. Refer to the student chapter “quick start” guide if you are interested in starting or growing your chapter:
Quick Start Guide


The Environmental Challenge

Each year, student teams from across the northwest compete in the Environmental Challenge, or “E.C.”, held each year at the PNWIS Annual Conference. This challenge tasks students with solving a real-world problem in a way that is practical, economically viable, and environmentally responsible. Cash prizes are awarded to the top teams, and the winning team wins a paid trip to ACE, A&WMA’s national conference.

For more info and E.C. history, check out the:

Environmental Challenge Page

or contact the Student Programs Committee Chair, Melody Kieneker: mkieneker [at]








Resources for student chapters

Additional AWMA student resources can be found on the A&WMA website.