Welcome to the A&WMA Oregon Chapter Page

The purpose of the A&WMA Oregon Chapter is to promote clean air and waste management practices, provide leadership in the fields of air pollution control and waste management, promote a sense of environmental responsibility and work for a better understanding of environmental issues among control agencies, research personnel, educators, representatives of industry and the general public within the geographic area of the chapter. It shall also be the purpose of the chapter to promote closer professional and personal relations among members of the chapter to further the aims and objectives of A&WMA.


Kellye Dundon, Chair
NW Natural

Geoff Tichenor, Vice Chair
Stoel Rives LLP

Kim Marcus, International A&WMA Past President

Katie Kolesar, Secretary
Air Sciences Inc.

Frank Jones, Treasurer
LPG Associates

Paul Ecker, Director 2020-2022
EES Environmental Consulting, Inc.

Ilene Munk, Director 2019-2021
Foley & Mansfield

Rafe Christopherson, Director 2020-2022

Jodi Lee, Director 2020-2022

Thomas Miller, Director 2020-2022
ZM Associates Environmental Corp.

Jeffrey Hunter, Past Chair
Perkins Coie

Maarten Schreuder,
Membership and Communications Chair