Puget Sound Chapter

The A&WMA Puget Sound Chapter serves A&WMA members who live and work in Western Washington. Our meetings and events are typically held in the Seattle metropolitan area and occasionally as far north as Bellingham and as far south as Olympia. Our chapter is especially welcoming to Young Professionals and students seeking networking opportunities. We pride ourselves in the technical content and workshops we offer A&WMA members and the greater environmental community in the Pacific Northwest.

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2022 Leadership

Chair (2022):
Annika Wallendahl, Annika.Wallendahl [at] Geosyntec.com

Vice-Chair (2022):
Aissata Cisse, Aiccataci [at] gmail.com

Past Chair (2022):
Chris Kitchen, Chrisjk [at] pscleanair.gov

Secretary (2022):
Shannon Logan, slogan2@marathonpetroleum.com

Treasurer (2022):
Madeline McFerran, Camp.Maddie [at] gmail.com

Director Position 1 (2021 – 2023):
Jecca Canet, jgcanet [at] uw.edu

Director Position 2 (2021 – 2023):
Jay McAlpine, mcalpine.jay [at] epa.gov

Director Position 3 (2022 – 2024):
Joshua Fowler, Joshua.Fowler [at] romac.com

Director Position 4 (2022 – 2024):
Chadd Tripp, Chadd.Tripp [at] yahoo.com

Director Position 5 (2020 – 2022):
Megan Withroder, mwithroder [at] bdlaw.com

Director Position 6 (2020 – 2022):
Robyn Jones, Rjone81 [at] gmail.com