Cleaner Air Oregon Update in Memory of Jessica Stark

November 11, 2021 • News + Events, Oregon • Views: 2066

Cleaner Air Oregon Update in Memory of Jessica Stark

Friday December 10th, noon-1 pm

Please join the Oregon Chapter on December 10, 2021 from 12-1 pm for a virtual webinar on the Cleaner Air Oregon Program. JR Giska and Kristen Martin from the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality will be presenting. Attendees are welcome to submit questions to prior to the event.

This event is sponsored by SLR International and is being held in memory of Jessica Stark. A member of A&WMA for more than 20 years, she dedicated countless hours to PNWIS and the Oregon Chapter. In 2019, she received the Robert Stockman Distinguished Achievement Award from PNWIS. Jessica contributed to creating the culture of this Association, and for that we are forever thankful. In her memory, we are asking attendees to make a minimum $20 donation, lieu of a registration fee, to the OHSU Blood-Brain Barrier Program. The Oregon Chapter will be matching up to $1,000 in donations.

Pricing and Registration:  

A&WMA Members and Non-Members:  $20 donation (minimum) to OHSU Blood-Brain Barrier Program, please e-mail a receipt of your donation to, to register

Board Members Elections

Congratulations to the new and returning board members! Katie Kolesar was elected to Chair, Jonathan Hilton was elected to Vice Chair, Paul Ecker and Geoff Tichenor were elected as Directors, and Abigail Black was elected as Secretary.