Environmental Challenge 2023 kickoff!

September 12, 2023 • News + Events • Views: 909

The Environmental Challenge 2023 Problem Guide has been released and is now available on the PNWIS 2023 Conference Site (click here)!

For this year’s EC, the students will find themselves with the task of addressing water quality and contamination problems in the hypothetical sawmill town of Coastalville.  Student teams will be the environmental consultants tasked with identifying the likely culprits to the town’s environmental woes and proposing clever solutions to resolve issues and provide healthier living conditions for the town’s residents.

Details and instructions are provided on the link provided.  Students are encouraged to put their teams together quickly and reach out to the EC Coordination team to submit their notice of intent to compete.

New student teams are encouraged — please don’t be intimated, you are very welcome to participate!  The EC is an exciting and career-building experience that exposes students to real-world challenges and provides opportunities to meet and network with regional professionals in the environmental industries.